May (fire/river journey)

Notes from my journal

12 strikes

A blanket of smoke hugged close to the land, I watched as it moved across the field, and into the distance with a kind of settled assuredness.  Fire washed over the wood, it came up evenly, with strength and fairness.  There was hidden power in this fuel, and it startled me with strong certain pops.

This fire burned most beautifully with what seemed a completely even duality, self and other


This fire needed no tending and offered completely engaging warmth, it made minor adjustments which seemed to be an interplay between offering and receiving. This fire offered sparks to the stars and as I looked up it occurred to me that I was seeing fire in the sky, and considered the possibility of this fire, being received at such a great distance, and in that moment remarkably I received a response in the form a shooting star.

Gazing at the stars I began thinking about my relationship to the eagle, to its ability to be both be of the land and part of the spirit of the sky. I found myself considering the intensity of these earth fires, and how my intentional and directed focus had been specifically on physical fires and what each represented for me internally.  But in looking to the sky my focus shifted from the internal to the external, to the universal, to the cosmic, and to a respect for being in this singular experience and belonging.

This fire of respect transported me back to Michigan to a sacred fire circle on Council Lake where the moonlight lit upon the water, and sparked like a mirror for the stars overhead, that fire too snapped and popped offering smoke and sparks to the stars offering completely and knowing its worthiness of being received.

This fire taught me that respect is a duality, it is a relationship between offering and receiving, it is about the intrinsic and extrinsic, it is about the fluidity of giving and receiving completely.



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